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Rooted in Faith

Hold fast onto the rope of Allah , all together and do not be divided

-Quran 3:103

Create a Virtual Community with Tawhid

Create a Virtual Halaqah, Share Knowledge or Build Loyalty and Trust with your Donors that is rooted in Faith. 

Tawhid allows you to give a service to your community, helping them improve in their practice and become the Muslim they want to be while donating to you. 

Our unique platform also allows you to forge meaningful relationships with your community by keeping them updated on your impact and services or by sharing tips and motivations for self improvement. 

By joining forces with us, you’ll play a pivotal role in the personal journey of Muslims, serving as a source of motivation for them to become their best self. Linking there success to your cause. 

Create long lasting relationships to your community ingrained in faith, transparency and enhanced communication. 

Complete the form now to initiate a partnership that resonates with the core values of Islam.

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Our Partners

Play a pivotal role in the personal journey of Muslims, form long lasting relationships with your supporters and raise funds a whole new way.

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