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“—and reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth. [1] "O our Lord! You did not create 'all of" this without purpose.”

- Quran 3:103

How does it work?

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What will you find in Tawhid?


Stay motivated through a support circle of friends and family by keeping track of daily progress of your Islamic goals.


Connect with muslims outside of your circle and support one another to become closer to Allah


Learn about the significance of Islamic practices through easily digestible scripts and videos


Help keep yourself and others muslims in your circle accountable to meet your goals  


Overcome the emotional barriers to meeting your goals daily by connecting back to Allah through guided reflections 


Meet your goals to make an impact! Your subscription donations go to a charity of your choice each time you succeed.

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Play a pivotal role in the personal journey of Muslims, form long lasting relationships with your supporters and raise funds a whole new way.

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